Exercise is one of the most important parts of treatment plans for patients with arthritis. Exercise helps strengthen muscles and joints, increase energy and reduce discomfort. Although people living with arthritis can feel that exercising is outside of their capabilities, starting out with an easy exercise regimen can help you build strength and flexibility to reduce pain and continue doing the things you love.

But how exactly does exercise help improve joint mobility and ease pain for arthritis patients? If you’re searching for a “joint pain clinic near me” for arthritis treatment, read on to find out why exercise is so important for your joints!

Exercise Helps Maintain Muscle & Bone Strength

Although it’s certainly tempting to avoid physical activity when you have arthritis, more inactivity can aggravate joint pain and stiffness, leading to further immobility. When you exercise even for just a few minutes every day, you help maintain your muscle and bone strength, which can help support joint strength, cartilage and flexibility to keep you moving!

Regular Exercise Can Increase Energy

Not only does exercise help you keep your strength, it can help reduce the fatigue that often comes with dealing with chronic discomfort. In addition, exercise releases endorphins, natural compounds in your body that boost your mood and keep you happier. This improved outlook helps many patients better cope with the pain of arthritis.

Physical Activity Can Improve Quality of Sleep

When dealing with chronic pain, such as that seen in arthritis, many people notice a disruption in their sleep. Pain can make it difficult to get proper sleep, but lack of sleep can also aggravate existing pain conditions, making it a vicious cycle. Fortunately, exercising most days of the week can help improve your quality of sleep, which may help reduce your pain and boost your mood!

Exercise Supports a Healthy Weight

Many people who live with arthritis are carrying extra weight, which puts extra pressure on the joints. The force on your knees when walking is about one and a half times your body weight. This means that if you weigh 150 pounds, the amount of pressure on your knees is 225 pounds. You can see how extra weight can quickly add up to more pressure on your joints!

Fortunately, regular exercise helps burn calories and support a healthy weight in people who suffer from arthritis. A healthy weight can not only make arthritis treatment more successful, it helps prevent arthritis from worsening over time.

Searching for a Joint Pain Clinic?

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