Foot-drop syndrome describes a condition in which it’s difficult or impossible for a patient to properly lift the front of their foot. This condition can cause people to painfully scrape their toes on the ground or have to lift their foot higher than usual to walk, which can create an irregular walking pattern referred to as “steppage” gait.

Foot-Drop Syndrome

Foot-drop syndrome can affect one or both feet and is usually a symptom of an underlying problem in the body. Here, we discuss the possible causes as well as potential treatments for this disorder.

Potential Causes of Foot-Drop Syndrome

There are a few different causes of foot-drop syndrome. Without proper diagnosis, finding a treatment that works will be difficult.

At our pain and joint clinic, causes of foot-drop syndrome we commonly see include neurodegenerative disorders, which affect the neurons of the brain. Neurons are responsible for transmitting information that allows the body to function properly, and a condition that affects the neurons often leads to other symptoms.

For example, multiple sclerosis and stroke are two neurodegenerative conditions that can affect the way the body operates, which could lead to foot-drop syndrome. Other causes include injury to the nerves, peripheral nerve disorders, damage to the peroneal nerve—which enables movement in the feet—and muscle disorders.

What Treatments Are Available?

Treatment for foot-drop syndrome will depend on what’s causing the disorder. If you’re considering walk-in pain clinics in Georgia, the experts at Summit Spine & Joint Centers can help you uncover the cause of your issue and outline a treatment plan.

Causes of nerve trauma or other damage to the body that cause foot-drop syndrome can be treated and lead to a partial, or, in many cases, a complete recovery for patients.

If a neurological disorder is the cause, your symptoms may continue, but our experts can help you manage the condition with the right therapy. Other treatment options include physical therapy to improve muscle and joint function, a brace and devices that stimulate nerves for better function, all of which we offer at our walk-in pain clinics in Georgia.

Questions? Let Us Help!

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