For those who suffer from fibromyalgia, the muscle pain, fatigue and memory concerns can be frustrating as well as upsetting. Fibromyalgia affects an estimated 10 million people in the United States alone, and finding the right treatment is essential to managing your symptoms and living a healthy life.

Combat Fibromyalgia

Let’s review some of the most effective ways to combat fibromyalgia that could help decrease your pain, improve your sleep and help you feel more balanced and well.

Consider Exercising

Exercise can help reduce pain and improve the mobility of those with fibromyalgia. Yoga, walking, swimming—particularly in warm water—and even biking can be beneficial exercises to try. Regular exercise can help provide a sense of control over your fibromyalgia and can improve your mood as well as your sleep, while reducing discomfort.

For people in intense pain, exercising may feel impossible. However, by starting slow and gradually increasing your mobility, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of exercise for your fibromyalgia pain.

Manage Your Stress

Emotional and physical stress can trigger fibromyalgia symptoms in some patients. Stress doesn’t always take the form of a heavy workload or family obligations—it could be saying yes to a night out when you don’t feel well or not setting aside the necessary time to take care of yourself.

Managing stress could help you better control your fibromyalgia. Stress management will be different for everyone, but could look like:

  • Getting more sleep or rest.
  • Doing things you enjoy.
  • Saying “no” more often.
  • Setting aside time for self-care.

Having less stress in your life could mean making some changes, which can feel more stressful at the time. However, the benefits you see will be worth it!

Try Different Types of Therapy

For most fibromyalgia patients, the right treatment will include a combination of therapies. Trying different types of treatments can help you determine which ones provide the most relief. Therapies for fibromyalgia could include physical therapy, acupuncture, water therapy, chiropractic, massage, or hot and cold therapy for muscle pain. By working with our Atlanta pain management specialists, we can help you determine which therapies would be best to try given your symptoms and state of health.

Work With a Pain Management Specialist

Our team of board-certified physicians are experts in managing pain. When you work with Summit Spine & Joint Centers, you can expect a committed team of professionals to help you better manage your fibromyalgia symptoms. Together, we will create a treatment plan that works specifically for you.

We provide cutting-edge treatments at our pain and wellness center, in addition to physical therapy and regenerative medicine. With our advanced diagnostic efforts, we can help to reduce your discomfort and associated symptoms to promote a better quality of life.

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