Dr. Patel recently had the honor and privilege to present Sonia, a U.S. Army veteran based in Atlanta and also one of our patients, at the annual Medtronic event. Her story was featured as the “Story of the Year.”

For years, Sonia had experienced the excruciating pain and complications of a shattered ankle, an injury suffered while serving in the army. “I wanted them to amputate my foot,” Sonia said. “That’s how bad it had gotten.”

How Summit Spine & Joint Assisted This Veteran

Summit Spine & Joint was honored to work with Sonia to help reduce her pain at our pain and wellness center in Atlanta. Dr. Patel was able to successfully place a spinal simulator implant that reduced Sonia’s pain dramatically, by 90 percent.

The Spinal Simulator Implant was able to stop nerve transmissions from signaling to Sonia’s brain that her ankle was in pain. Dr. Patel says the invention has changed Sonia’s life by allowing her to experience a more pleasant sensation rather than a painful one.

The Implant Turned Out to Have a Familiar Maker

Later, after checking the serial number of the device, it turns out that the actual device implanted in Sonia’s body was built in part by her own mother, who works at a Medtronic factory in Puerto Rico assembling batteries for these devices.

As a $125 billion company, the odds of this happening are almost impossible. Sonia’s mother, Sulma, says she previously felt powerless to help her daughter overcome her debilitating pain. Now, she feels she contributed to helping her daughter feel better.

What Is a Spinal Simulator Implant?

A spinal simulator implant is a device surgically implanted into the body to alter signals of pain. Also referred to as neurostimulation, spinal cord stimulation helps relieve pain in the neck, back and legs through manipulating electrical impulses.

These electrical impulses actually stop pain signals from reaching the brain, allowing patients to experience pain relief and reduce the need for pain medication. Many patients experience an increased quality of life and are able to do activities their pain and discomfort prevented them from doing previously.

Candidates for spinal cord stimulation include those who suffer from failed back surgery syndrome in addition to cervical and lumbar radiculitis, neuropathy and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

Proud to Reduce Pain in Our Patients

The pain management physicians at Summit Spine & Joint Centers offer spinal cord stimulation, which can be a solution for patients who haven’t experienced pain relief from pain medication or other therapies. We help patients who experience chronic pain to feel better without the side effects that conventional treatments and medications can cause.

Our team is honored to provide pain relief solutions to our veterans and many other patients in the Atlanta area. Call us today at (770) 962-3642 or contact us online to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services!