New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Health and Fitness According to the numbers, 45 percent of Americans usually make resolutions, but only 8 percent of the people who make New Year’s resolutions actually achieve them. A lot of adults choose this time of year to make a step toward better fitness (38 percent of resolutions are about weight loss). However, a general New Year’s resolution to lose weight or exercise more often probably isn’t enough to keep the motivation going for more than 8 weeks. Let’s change that!

This year, follow these tips to keep your resolutions to improve your health and fitness:

Make specific resolutions (i.e. “I will exercise 3x per week” vs. “I will exercise more often”) with manageable, short-term goals:

Schedule time on your calendar to complete the goals you set

Stay accountable with a friend or loved one

Keep track of your progress, and celebrate your successes

Reassess your resolutions if needed, but don’t give up!

Now that you have the tools, here are some good New Year’s resolutions to improve your health and fitness:

To start exercising, schedule workout/active sessions for 3-4 days each week based on things that you already enjoy doing (hiking, playing tennis, golfing, etc.).

To lose weight, resolve to exercise on a regular basis and change your diet to include more fresh fruit and vegetables, and less/no processed foods, sugars, or starchy carbohydrates (such as bread and pasta).

To improve strength and balance, start a weekly resistance training workout regimen.

To reduce high blood pressure and/or cholesterol, schedule cardiovascular exercise (jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.) at least three times each week for 30-minute (minimum) segments.

To increase workout intensity and effectiveness, schedule workout time with more frequency or variety (such as adding a day each week, or adding a new activity) or extend the amount of time you spend working out through the week.

Have a very happy New Year, and good luck with your resolutions!