Double board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine, Dr. Gerald Chai comes to Summit Spine & Joint Centers with extensive experience and training in the management of musculoskeletal and spine pain. His approach focuses on restoring the function and quality of life of his patients through a holistic approach.

Dr. Chai has performed over 15,000 interventional pain procedures. His custom approach to each person allows him to cultivate long-term doctor-patient relationships to really tailor his methodology to the patient’s needs.

In His Own Words

“Most commonly, patients ask me what chronic pain is and how to manage their chronic pain,” says Dr. Chai. “Pain is a subjective multifactorial and very personal experience. When it persists beyond the typical expected duration, it’s considered chronic. Many times, the persistence is due to physiological changes to the nervous system that cause the patient to perceive pain abnormally.”

After spending more than seven years as an attending physician at a pain management practice in Savannah, Dr. Chai is now returning to his favorite city of Atlanta to become an integral part of our wellness pain clinic.

“Pain is best managed by a comprehensive strategy that involves addressing physical and emotional components,” Dr. Chai explains. “My goal is for them to have realistic expectations of safely keeping their pain at a tolerable level, while focusing on improving function and quality of life.”

Also trained in medication management of chronic pain, Dr. Chai knows the frustration some patients experience when medication alone doesn’t relieve pain. “Why are some medications not effective? There’s high variability when it comes to response to medications. There are multiple options within a class of drugs to select from. Factors can include genetics, metabolism and drug properties, among others. Usually, patients will respond to a medication, but it may involve trialing various medications and dosages.”

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