Do you know what a medial branch block is?

A medial branch block is a treatment we perform at Summit Spine and Joint Centers to help with pain that has developed due to a damaged or inflamed facet joint in the spine. A facet joint is the bony structure that connects spinal vertebrae together. Facet joints help control the movement of the spine and provide extra support and stability for the vertebrae.

When you have a medial branch block, a local anesthetic such as lidocaine is injected into the medial nerve of the facet joint. Injecting the local anesthetic into the medial nerve helps healthcare providers diagnose back pain. If the injection relieves at least 50% of your usual back pain, your healthcare provider will likely confirm that the pain is coming from the facet joint and recommend radiofrequency ablation as treatment. Medial branch blocks are also used to diagnose sacroiliac joint pain.

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