I’ve Been Involved In A Personal Injury, Now What? Being in an accident can be very scary and a confusing time. You’re in pain and it can be hard to determine what you should do next. First call 911, and seek immediate medical attention, then call a board certified pain management physician.

You deserve to be evaluated by doctors who can spot and recognize problems that could come up due to you being in an accident. Even if you think you’re “just fine” and not experiencing any pain, it is vital that you see your doctor so they can do a full examination of your body.

Being in an accident can be extremely painful, both mentally and physically. Your doctor knows about your medical history and can recommend specific medications or procedures that would work efficiently for you. Do not delay your doctor visit, sometimes it takes weeks for symptoms of an personal injury to surface.

If you’re one of our patients or a candidate to be one and you’ve been involved in an accident please give us a call (770) 962-3642. We have four board certified physicians who are waiting to assist you. We can help coordinate all of your needs, including obtaining a lawyer. We are here to help you and eliminate your pain.