Summit Spine & Joint is continuing our mission to improve patient lives and decrease chronic pain with the upcoming opening of a new clinic in Winder, located at 314 N. Broad Street, Suite 210. This location will extend our services to patients in Winder looking for both acute and chronic pain relief.

New Clinic In Winder

Meet Dr. Steven Nguyen

Dr. Steven Nguyen will be the main provider at our Winder clinic. Dr. Nguyen brings extensive experiencing in treating a diverse range of chronic pain in patients, including chronic and acute pain from headaches, cancer-related pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) discomfort, back and neck pain, and many more conditions.

Known for treating his patients with compassion, empathy and respect, Dr. Nguyen takes a multidisciplinary approach to treating pain with minimally invasive procedures, medication management and functional restoration. Dr. Nguyen is board-certified in both Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, and is committed to bringing his patients the best in pain management for sustainable relief.

Effectively Find & Treat the Source of Your Pain

At Summit Spine & Joint Centers, our mission is to help patients suffering from all types of painful conditions to find long-term, effective relief. Our compassionate team of professionals has experience treating everything from headaches to more complex, obscure conditions at our pain clinic for wellness.

Our treatments include advanced diagnostics to pinpoint the source of your discomfort and design a custom treatment plan to reduce your pain with minimally invasive therapies. Our drug-free, surgery-free approach to your pain can genuinely help relieve pain where conventional therapies have failed.

Need a Pain Clinic for Wellness? Contact Summit Spine & Joint

If you’re suffering from chronic pain and are searching “pain clinic near me,” we look forward to assisting you at our new facility opening soon in Winder. Summit Spine & Joint Centers is committed to working with you to deliver the contemporary care you need for conditions that impact your quality of life. See you soon!