Chronic Back and Leg Pain, We Can Fix That Whether it was a slip and fall at your job, a car wreck, or ongoing back problems we have treatment options to help chronic pain. Chronic pain can get in the way of doing normal everyday activities. Imagine if something as simple as cooking dinner for your family became too hard to do. Pain can leave you with limited options in your mobility.

One treatment option that Georgia Pain and Wellness Center offers is Spinal Cord Stimulation. This treatment option involves electrical impulses to relieve chronic pain in the back and legs. The electrical pulses prevent pain signals from being received by the brain. Spine Cord Stimulation is an option for people who suffer from neuropathic pain and for whom conservative treatments have failed.

Let one of our Board Certified Physician’s help relieve your chronic pain. Why choose us? At Georgia Pain and Wellness Center we provide compassionate care, comprehensive evaluation and testing, and proven treatment options for a variety of pain issues. Most of our testing is pain free and the minimally invasive procedures are performed in one of our four state-of-the-art surgery center. At Georgia Pain and Wellness Center, we relieve your pain and help restore your life!