Dr. Patel specializes in workman compensation

“At Georgia pain and wellness we have a special work comp coordinator who works with adjusters to help facilitate patient care” — Dr. Patel[...]


Congratulations! Georgia Pain and Wellness Center has been nominated as FINALIST for the 2014 Healthcare Excellence Awards by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Board. It is our honor to serve patients [...]

New Location in Lilburn, GA!

Georgia Pain & Wellness Center is accepting patients at our newest location in Lilburn, GA.  Call (770) 962-3642 or go to to book an appointment.  Dr.  Patel looks forward to serv[...]

Home Remedies for Headache Treatment

Headache Home Remedy: Lavender Oil Not only does lavender smell great — it’s also a useful home remedy for headaches and migraine pain. Lavender oil can be either inhaled or applied topically. Tw[...]

Congrats on Georgia Pain and Wellness Center’s nomination as one of Gwinnet’s best!

Congratulations! Georgia Pain and Wellness Center has been nominated for the 2014 Healthcare Excellence Awards by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce! It is a privilege for us to serve these patients [...]

Atlanta’s Top Doctor

A very big congratulations goes out to Doctor Patel for his nomination in Atlanta Magazines Top Doctor award. This nomination is recognition of all the hard work and great things happening at Georgia [...]
Testing the Experts

Testing the Experts

Georgia Pain and Wellness Center was founded on the belief that their focus should be centered on providing their patients with a high quality, patient focused, pain management program. Their objectiv[...]