Summit Spine & Joint Centers is excited to announce a new treatment we’re offering for sacroiliitis and low back pain. This treatment is called the LinQ™ and allows patients to fuse and stabilize their sacroiliac joints to reduce pain and discomfort.

New Treatment For Sacroiliitis & Low Back Pain

Where the spine meets the pelvis, there are two joints called your sacroiliac (SI) joints. When one or both of these joints develops inflammation, this condition is referred to as sacroiliitis. People who have sacroiliitis may experience pain their hips, lower back, legs or buttocks. For some patients with sacroiliitis that hasn’t been successfully treated in the past, LinQ™ may be a viable treatment option.

Learn More About the LinQ™ Procedure

What Are the Benefits of LinQ™?

The LinQ™ procedure is less invasive than normal SI fusions, which means less trauma for your body, including less blood loss and, for some patients, an accelerated recovery time. When you’re searching “joint clinic near me,” Summit Spine & Joint Centers can help with our drug-free, minimally invasive treatment options such as LinQ.

LinQ is designed to treat SI joint fusion conditions, which include degenerative sacroiliitis and SI joint disruptions. The minimally invasive, short procedure treats SI joint and lower back pain. LinQ is approved by most insurance carriers and proven to work.

Who Qualifies for This Procedure?

The best candidates for this treatment are those who have undergone other non-surgical treatments that have been unsuccessful at reducing their pain, whether they’ve been diagnosed with lower back pain or SI joint inflammation or degeneration.

You may qualify if you have:

  • A failed combination of previous treatments
  • Extreme chronic pain
  • Trauma
  • Adjacent segment disease

Your provider at Summit Spine & Joint Centers can discuss this procedure with you and let you know if you qualify based on your unique case, pain and condition.

Searching ‘Joint Clinic Near Me’? You’re in Good Hands

If you have low back pain and have tried different treatments that haven’t been successful, you may qualify for LinQ with our team at Summit Spine & Joint Centers. When you’re searching “joint clinic near me,” consider that we have several convenient locations to serve you throughout Georgia. Contact our experienced pain management team today to schedule your consultation!