Facet joints—the joints that help link each vertebrae in your spine—can become painful for a variety of reasons. You may have had an injury or they may have developed chronic inflammation or arthritis. Facet joint syndrome is a condition in which the facet joints cause chronic pain and reduced mobility.

If you’re experiencing facet joint syndrome symptoms, you may qualify for epidural steroid facet injections to help reduce your pain. Here are five benefits of these injections for people with facet joint inflammation or injuries.

1. Potential Long-Term Pain Relief

Every patient will have a different experience with epidural steroid injections. While some may experience immediate relief that lasts only a few days, others can experience pain relief for months. Epidural steroid facet injections potentially offer long-term pain relief to patients who don’t respond to other forms of treatment.

2. Delay Surgery

Epidural steroid facet injections may give you the option of delaying surgery. In fact, these injections may provide a level of pain relief that allows you to forgo surgery entirely. This allows you to avoid a hospital stay, an invasive procedure and a lengthy recovery time which can disrupt your life and lead to further complications, all while experiencing an improved quality of life.

3. Take Advantage of Other Forms of Therapy

If your epidural steroid facet injections provide significant pain relief, you may be able to take advantage of other forms of therapy that may not have been possible before, such as exercise or physical therapy. Both of these regimens can help improve strength and flexibility while reducing inflammation, enhancing the benefits you see from steroid injections for potential long-term relief for facet joint inflammation.

4. Reduced Recovery Time

Unlike surgery, epidural steroid facet injections have a short recovery time. While you may experience some minor discomfort after your procedure, most patients can return to normal activities later that day or the next day. Depending on your unique case, your physician can let you know more about what to expect during the recovery process.

5. Less Need for Medication

Patients who have success with epidural steroid facet injections for facet joint syndrome symptoms may be able to reduce or even eliminate their consumption of anti-inflammatory or pain medication. This will not only help reduce the side effects of pain medication, it will improve your quality of life. Only adjust your medication doses as directed by your physician for best results.

Are You Experiencing Facet Joint Syndrome Symptoms?

If you’ve tried other forms of therapy for facet joint inflammation without success, it could be time to consider epidural steroid facet injections. Schedule a consultation with Summit Spine & Joint Centers today to learn more about this form of therapy for back and neck pain. Call (770) 962-3642 or contact us online today!