Your sacroiliac (SI) joint is a joint that connects the base of the spine to the pelvis. There are two of these joints, one on each side of the spine. These joints have to be strong to support your upper body but sometimes, SI joints can cause pain, resulting in lower back discomfort. What exactly causes SI pain and what can you do about it?

What Causes Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

Ligaments and cartilage promote proper function of the sacroiliac joint, but an injury, arthritis or cartilage degeneration associated with both of these can cause discomfort, stiffness or potentially even a burning sensation in the lower back. For people with SI joint pain, the painful sensation may even radiate out toward the upper back, thighs or buttocks. Another potential cause of SI pain is having one leg being shorter than the other, which can cause unnatural wear on the joint.

How Is SI Pain Treated?

Depending on the severity of your pain, you have different treatments options to help improve the function and discomfort of your SI joint(s).

One of these treatment options is SI joint fusion surgery. Your SI joint connects your spine to the pelvis with cartilage and ligaments, but when this strong connective tissue either wears away or is impacted by arthritis or an injury, sometimes fusing the spine and pelvis bones in this region makes the most sense. An SI joint fusion will help reduce pain with a bone graft by stabilizing the joint.

Another innovative treatment option for SI pain is LinQ™, which is less invasive than SI joint fusion and can treat degenerative sacroiliitis and SI joint disruptions. People who have had unsuccessful SI treatments in the past may qualify for LinQ, which uses a small amount of bone inserted in a minimally invasive procedure to encourage bone fusion in the joint without the need for surgery.

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