Kyphoplasty is a procedure that can help treat fractures in the spine as the result of osteoporosis or trauma. Kyphoplasty is minimally invasive and can help reduce pain from a compression fracture and improve mobility.

If you’ve lost height due to a compression fracture, a kyphoplasty procedure can restore your height and spinal function long-term. A kyphoplasty may also help reduce your dependence on medication for improved quality of life.

How a Kyphoplasty Procedure Works

A kyphoplasty procedure is always done by a trained and experienced physician. Your doctor will make a small incision in your spine, using x-ray guidance to put a small tube in the affected area. A special kind of balloon is then inserted into the area and inflated. This helps to restore the fracture, undoing the compression and restoring your vertebrae to its proper position.

The balloon is then removed, leaving the space open, and your physician will inject a hard material, called bone cement, into the space. This is a synthetic, biocompatible material that will harden and stabilize the spine, preventing future injuries and helping to alleviate your discomfort.

Most patients can go home the same day their procedure is performed to recover. Always follow your surgeon’s instructions for proper healing after the procedure.

The Kyphoplasty Recovery Period

Every patient is different and, while some patients feel immediate relief following the procedure, for others, it can take a few days to see an improvement in their back pain. As far as the kyphoplasty recovery period, patients should expect a few weeks to fully recover (up to six weeks). Your physician will let you know more about what to expect during your consultation for kyphoplasty. The majority of patients can still do all their normal activities soon after a kyphoplasty but may need to take it easy for a while.

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