Have you heard of regenerative medicine? This advanced pain management technique involves tapping into the body’s own healing abilities via therapies such as stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Regenerative medicine takes advantage of specific healing agents taken from your own body to help heal injuries or, at the very least, reduce the damage and effects of an injury. What else should you know about this form of treatment for pain?

What Treatments Does Regenerative Medicine Involve?

Stem cells are used in regenerative medicine because they work to heal damaged tissue in the body that can cause chronic pain. These cells are extracted from your body via fat or bone marrow (both done through injection). They are then introduced back into the body.

Stem cells can become any type of cell and therefore can repair tissue in a variety of places, whether it’s nerve tissue or even organ tissue. Stem cells help heal the body by invoking a reparation process only possible through stem cell therapy.

Regenerative medicine also includes PRP therapy, in which platelets are taken in the form of blood and isolated via a centrifuge. These platelets are then injected back into your body. Platelets have natural healing properties and help repair injured tissue. What makes platelets so special are their growth factors that stimulate the healing process in the body.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy & PRP Therapy

Regenerative medicine is not surgery. It involves non-invasive procedures at our pain and wellness center that extract your body’s natural healing agents, isolate them and reintroduce them back into your system so they can heal you.

The benefits of procedures such as stem cell therapy and PRP therapy are that they’re a natural way to treat chronic pain without surgery or pain medication. The recovery time from extracting stem cells and platelets is very minimal and allows patients to return to their normal activities almost immediately following the procedure.

Do I Qualify for Regenerative Medicine?

Knowing whether or not you qualify is determined through an exam and a professional consultation with a pain management specialist. Any injury, whether orthopedic or musculoskeletal in nature, can potentially be treated with regenerative medicine. These conditions could include a torn rotator cuff, degenerative joint diseases and even arthritis and sprained ligaments. At our pain and wellness center, we can review your diagnosis and medical history to determine if regenerative medicine could benefit you.

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