Our North Atlanta Injury Center is one of the premier accident and personal injury care centers in Atlanta, Georgia. Our Injury Center specializes in treating victims of auto accidents, slip-and-falls and work-related injuries. Our commitment is to provide patients with the highest quality of care. We work with attorneys and chiropractors to provide continuity of care for all our patients.

Personal Injury

At Summit Spine & Joint Centers, we specialize in treating all types of pain, including pain that originates from a car accident or a slip-and-fall accident. Our team of dedicated specialists understands which diagnostic tests and individualized treatments to recommend during your initial evaluation to help you obtain your best chance at a full recovery. We work closely with attorneys and chiropractors and can recommend the best professionals to turn to, when needed.

Workers’ Compensation

If you are in an accident at work, one of the first and most important steps you should take is to establish proper treatment and documentation after an injury. Workers’ compensation insurance is the oldest insurance program in the United States. It is a result of the 20th century economic boom when the rise of jobs also meant an increase in work-related injuries. This no-fault insurance was established to provide financial assistance to employees who had sustained an injury at their place of employment. The most common injury at work is to the back. Repetitive movement, continual sitting at a desk and improper lifting techniques can cause back pain. Many jobs today can take a significant toll on your back. Further, back pain from sitting too long has quadrupled in the last two years due to computer-based work. While it may seem awkward to document everything as soon as it happens, it can make or break a deserving worker from getting the proper care in a timely manner. Our team of Atlanta treatment and workers’ compensation doctors can accurately document your symptoms and treatment plan as they are experienced in the importance of insurance guidelines, state regulations and needed authorizations from an employer. To expedite this process to recovery, we work closely and promptly communicate with all parties involved, including employers, lawyers, adjustors and case managers.

Get the Help You Need From People Who Care

The North Atlanta Injury Center is the dependable place to go for personal injury help in the Atlanta area. Call us today at (770) 962-3642 to make an appointment and get the treatment you need and the help you deserve. We also welcome your online appointment request.

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